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Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking (also commonly referred to as drug distribution) is a serious charge in any state, but carries especially high penalties in the state of Florida. Criminal defense attorney Terrance R. Rooth is prepared to fight for you and to protect your good name, reputation, and record from damaging drug trafficking charges. Terrance R. Rooth has extensive experience defending clients accused of narcotics crimes and may be able to get your charges reduced or even dropped.

Drug trafficking charges may be entered for a variety of reasons including but not limited to: the sale, the importation, the movement, the manufacturing, and the possession of a high quantity of drugs. The severity of the drug trafficking charges and their associated penalties will depend on the type and quantity of drug as well as the defendant’s prior criminal record. In most cases, a conviction of trafficking any type of drug will include severe prison time and extreme fines. With that understanding, get an experienced attorney working on your case as soon as possible, working towards getting the case dismissed or having the charges reduced.

Be sure to apprise your arresting officers that you would like to have your attorney present for all questioning. This is your right regardless of the charges and should be exercised at all times to protect yourself from making incriminating statements that may be used against you later in a court of law. Even if you have already given statements, your attorney may be able to provide pertinent damage control and will be invaluable in providing future support and counsel.

Any arrest is stressful, but because of the stigmas attached to narcotics crimes, drug trafficking charges can be especially difficult for a client. The Law Office of Terrance R. Rooth, P.A., can handle any and all of your needs as we build your case. We will not only act as a legal liaison with law officials, but will thoroughly supervise the prosecution’s conviction process including their motive for arrest and the methods used for collecting evidence. Any break in mandatory protocol could mean the dismissal of your case.

If you have been accused of drug trafficking, or suspect that you will be implemented in a drug trafficking violation, then contact the Law Office of Terrance R. Rooth, P.A., today. We have the skills and expertise necessary to protect and defend you in and out of court.

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